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Jalisha S. Nelson

Jalisha S. Nelson joined the Atkins Law Firm in 2016 as a Legal Assistant. Jalisha brings with her, exceptional organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills obtained from her extensive Customer Service work experience.  In addition to Jalisha’s daily tasks, she provides the attorneys in the Atkins Law Firm with solid and reliable assistance and serves as a listening ear to clients. Workman’s compensation clients are sometimes challenged with stressful, frustrating, and sometimes emotional situations.  Jalisha presents a calm and helpful demeanor as she assists with ensuring that their immediate needs are met and patiently explains procedures. The Atkins Law Firm looks to her often as the initial contact with our clients. Jalisha is also relied upon by the attorneys for drafting necessary documents, meeting directly with the clients, scheduling appointments and court appearances, as well as keeping the client files organized and updated.  Even though Jalisha has an extensive background in Customer Service, she believes to be successful in her career, and recent exposure to law, she feels it is important to continually increase her knowledge, not only in the legal field, but also in other areas that will enhance her ability to serve clients. Jalisha enjoys taking mini vacations and spending time with her family in her spare time.

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