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Allyson Rickenbaker


Allyson Rickenbaker grew up in “Famously Hot” Columbia, SC.  Before she was even a teenager, she spent every weekend, school holiday and summer break working alongside her dad in his convenience store/bait and tackle shop, which was located across the street from Columbia’s Industrial Park.  It was in that store that she met, served and developed relationships with some of the hardest working men and women in the Midlands.  It was in that store that early on in her life she developed a profound respect for the folks who worked such physically demanding jobs, hour after hour, day after day, to earn an honest living to support their families.  People who genuinely deserved the utmost respect for tirelessly giving so much of themselves to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.

After Allyson raised her two beautiful and extraordinary daughters, Lauren and Katy, she returned into the workforce at 36, where she worked over 11 years for an attorney that specialized in probate and estate planning.  It was in that position when she rediscovered her passion for law that had intrigued so many years ago. Allyson studied every book about estate planning and probate law that she could put her hands on and took advantage of any conference or seminar she could participate in, to learn as much about her new position as possible, for the sole purpose of being able to provide the very best service to the clients.

Now that Allyson is working in workers’ compensation law, she brings the same drive and determination to strive and be the best possible conduit for the clients, attorneys and paralegals to ensure the best possible service for clients. She strives to ensure that our clients have the very BEST in customer service, respect and knowledge regarding the status of their case and to always be available to assist them effectively and efficiently.

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