Attorney Fees

If I hire an attorney, how does the attorney get paid?

Hiring an attorney for your workers’ compensation claim may alleviate a lot of fears. However, it may also induce a fair amount of apprehension. Hiring a lawyer means having to pay a fee, although there is no worry about costly retainers or upfront deposits in these instances. 


Workers’ compensation lawyers work on a contingency basis. That means they do not get paid until you do. They receive a percentage of your compensation and that is the way you pay for their services without having to pay anything upfront. In the state of South Carolina, a workers’ compensation lawyer fee needs to be approved by the workers’ compensation commission. Lawyers are not allowed to charge more than 33% percent. It is important to hire a lawyer you can trust to charge you a fair fee.

Value in representation

Some workers will frown upon having to pay an attorney money that is meant for them. However, that money may not have been possible to receive if it weren’t for the assistance of a workers’ compensation attorney. For that reason, there is value in having a lawyer on your side to get the compensation you deserve.

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