Workplace Injuries

On the job accidents are sometimes unavoidable and can keep workers from returning to work for all different lengths of time. On the job accidents are covered through workers’ compensation law in South Carolina. It does not matter how the injury occurred if it happened during the course and scope of the employment. Also, it may not be covered if it was caused by the worker engaging in illegal activities or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Work injuries can lead to compensation benefits if the employee is inured and the results of the injury are permanent. The size of the company often dictates what type of workers’ compensation coverage a company utilizes. There is a plethora of options as many companies handle it as another form of insurance, the following professions can receive sizable workers’ compensation claims for on the job accidents. 

  • Teachers – There is always the danger of a teacher being attacked by a student or another staff member. But illnesses can also occur as exposure to toxic chemicals, mold or other contaminants in a school building are grounds for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Teachers are entitled to protection in their work environment.
  • Factory Workers – There is an immensity of hazards for those working in an industrial setting. Factories are equipped with conveyor belts, machines and potentially dangerous mechanisms that could inflict a variety of injuries. Those hazards do not ease the responsibility for companies when an injury occurs.
  • Mechanics – Working with heavy machinery has the potential for many different and serious injuries. Working on cars, trucks and motorcycles is a hazardous occupation and compensation needs to be fast when injury occurs.
  • First Responders – Police officers and firefighters are more susceptible to heart problems and symptoms of PTSD. The injuries sustained in the line of duty do not always have to be physical. But there is also the chance for first responders to be injured in a physical altercation or emergency.
  • Truck Drivers – It may not take a major crash to cause a truck driver injury worthy of workers’ compensation. There is also the possibility of being injured outside of the truck when securing a load.
  • Sanitation Workers -Faulty equipment, careless drivers and being hit by objects are three dangers facing sanitation workers. Those injured on the job could be out of work for extended periods of time, making workers’ compensation a priority. Sanitation workers often face a higher level of danger than many other professions.
  • Healthcare Workers – Those who care for sick people are always in the pathway of danger. Lifting patients and moving them about often causes back injuries.
  • Restaurant Workers – Injuries frequently occur from lifting in a restaurant setting. Also, being around ovens and stoves leaves an ongoing chance for injury. These workers are protected from all the hazards and are eligible for workers’ compensation.
  • Construction Accidents – Slip and falls, electrocutions, burns, and being struck by objects are common injuries sustained on a construction site. All could be very serious and that is why compensation for construction accidents is imperative. It also does not matter if a worker was at fault, Compensation should still be awarded.
  • Manufacturing Accidents – numerous types of injuries can occur in this setting

The first thing to do when sustaining an on-the-job accident is to seek medical attention and then report it to a supervisor. There is a protocol involved for filing a workers’ compensation claim, although a worker’s safety is the most important thing. Getting out of harm’s way and seeking medical care are important in a worker’s compensation claim.

On the job accidents have a broad range of symptoms. Teachers and office workers could come down with a repetitive stress injury from simply doing a certain task all day. The same could befall someone working in a manufacturing plant. However, those in a manufacturing setting are susceptible to more serious injuries when compared to teachers. That does not negate the importance of repetitive stress injuries as they are addressed in workers’ compensation claims.

Death in an on the job accident

Some work-related injuries result in death. In the event that this occurs, a worker’s family would have to file a claim.. It is important to seek out an attorney when a worker is killed in an on the job accident.

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