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Nov 11, 2015

In honor of National Diabetes Month, I’d like to share that while diabetes is a difficult disease to control, there are  many new options now that help everyone with diabetes to live a more normal life.  I wear an OmniPod (Click for Webpage) insulin pump, and I would encourage anyone with diabetes to check with their insurance company to see if they qualify for an insulin pump.  It is an easy way to keep your sugars level, with much less hassle than injections.  I would also recommend the Dexcom (Click for Webpage) system, which allows you to have your blood sugar readings every few seconds, without finger sticks.  The Dexcom is somewhat complicated, but is worth researching.  In regards to diabetes and workers’ compensation, I often have clients who have diabetes and their work injury aggravates their condition.  Diabetics need to be careful when they are hurt on the job, to make sure that the care is sufficient and does not lead to any type of infection or need for amputation, especially of the foot.

I’d recommend anyone who has diabetes or who may be at risk for diabetes, to attend the 19th Annual Diabetes Fair in Sumter, SC on November 14, 2015.  The location is Wilson Hall School, and the event is from 1-5 PM.  This event is free and open to the public, and will provide great education, free health screenings, refreshments, and door prizes.  More information can be found on their website:


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